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​​Diana Kushenbach

 Spiritual Guide and Mentor

Divine Channel and Speaker

LILAC Intuitive Energy Healer and Intuitive Sound Healer


  Diana is an LILAC Master Intuitive Healer and Teacher and Divine Channel, Author of 2 books, Ordained Minister, Intuitive Sound Healer and Spiritual Guide and Mentor.  

  Diana connects directly to Source/God/Universal energy and receives guidance from spirit. Each person has different needs and path that Diana can connect with guidance specific for each person to help them move forward in any area of their life.  Diana helps others to feel empowered and in control of their spiritual gifts. Diana has been mentoring advanced students for several years. Diana has accomplished over 11,000 one on one sessions with clients in the past 12 years.     Diana's spirit guides are Ascended Masters, Saints, Archangels, and Source. Some of Diana's Guides or aspects of her higher self are Archangel Metatron, St. Germain, Jesus, Mother Mary, Paramahansa Yogananda, Lord Hilarion,Lord Krishna,Babaji, Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Uriel, St. Anthony, and more.

Diana's book Messages from the Enochian Tablets- A Lightworker's Guide to Energetic Clearing (2013)

Diana's second book, 777 Purpose and Truth Over Resistance (2016)

All of Diana’s readings have your best interest at heart. 

Learning to receive and understand your own spiritual connections and guidance is the main focus of these readings.  When you hold emotions (anger, hatred, jealousy, greed, etc) you are not able to hear your highest guidance and to stay on path.  Other blocks that are hidden in the subconscious mind (inner child, ego, etc) from earlier in life might keep you from properly reading for yourself.  Your own Ego mind may think it knows what the correct answer when you have no idea of your highest goal and purpose for being here in this current lifetime.  You may try to force an outcome that is in no way aligned with your growth. 

Diana has worked on learning the higher levels of the mind and mastered the ability to hear the highest guidance possible from God/Source and will bring that guidance through in your sessions.

Continuing these sessions, if you are guided, will allow you a clearer and unobstructed version of your own higher divine guidance to help yourself and others.

Diana will help you clear past lives, non-beneficial energies blocking or harming, current lifetime fears and anxieties connected to spiritual issues, healing of past karma, reprogramming negative thought patterns or subconscious blocks to positive outcomes, blocks that are spiritual related to giving and receiving love, and blocks connected to finding and keeping a soul mate.  Diana had a background in law enforcement ​prior to her awakening to her spiritual gifts.  


One on One Spiritual Coaching and Psychic Development-

  Work on strengthening your spiritual connection and to tap into your own way to receive divine guidance through one on one sessions with Diana.  We will address any blocks that could be limiting your ability to grow further spiritually.  All sessions are guided by Source.


Lilac Intuitive Healing Sessions

​What levels does LILAC heal?

LILAC heals at all levels: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, etheric, vibrational, connecting, twin flame, crystalline, elemental, and beyond.  LILAC is at a level of raised conscious that allows access to deeper healing while still here on a physical level.  LILAC is performed in the higher realms beyond Christ Consciousness, which, in a few sessions, allows the human body the ability to heal areas that would have taken years of healing work to achieve.   Healing happens on all levels without the chaos of having to be in the physical world when healing.  No physical pains are experienced during the sessions and energy is healed or erased from the consciousness. A higher plane allows you to heal without mentions of negative energy, entities, vows and contracts, subconscious mind, trauma, and other physical world lower vibrations. You never need to talk about or bring up lifetime trauma in order to restructure it or heal it.

 You will feel and see sacred geometry, elevated planes and vibrations.  A lower tone of light or sound can be sensed, which might feel like a mild tightness that will lift within minutes of your session, but this is in no way connected to a lower consciousness or vibrations.  Many new levels of consciousness will be available to you as you continue your LILAC journey. You create with Source new doorways and healing as you raise your consciousness and ability to heal with this modality.  We will mainly use our hands and intentions in this healing system and will be including methods using grids, platonic solids, and crystals.  You will learn how multiple and various positive changes will occur in your physical world by using this energy and method to heal.  LILAC is a peaceful energy that connects you to who you are as a soul and to Source in the highest plane.You can schedule 30 minute or 60 minute sessions. ($100 per hour)

Sacred Light Attunements by Archangel Metatron

​Activates Christ Consciousness/Soul Ascension

In these 30-minute sessions, you will have dark amethyst placed around you while you are under chakra light bed lights.  We use delta wave music and a lapis crystal singing bowl to allow you to open the higher chakras to the attunement.  Diana will use a variety of sacred geometry techniques and will allow for the highest level of Archangel Metatron to attune you.  This means that gateways and stargates will be opened at divinely timed levels to bring your ability to receive divinely inspired information to better your path.  This may include clearing of past life karmic ties, outdated energy from all directions of time, open your star healing energy systems, sensitivities and discernment of energies not sensed before.  Stargates are fountains of knowledge and experience from the beginning of time.  They become obstructed by many complicated spiritual and energy systems.   Each attunement will bring clarity and God/Source centered love and you can have as many attunements as you are guided to have. 

$50 for each Sacred Light Attunement



Readings $100 per hour (30 minute minimum)

Schedule your appointment at the scheduling link at the top of the page or call 630.269.0115 or email dkushenbach@hotmail.com

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your appointment please contact Diana Kushenbach within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment. There are many days that Diana has a waiting list of clients hoping to get an appointment in the event of another client cancelling.

In the event of a missed appointment with no notice or an appointment is missed without adequate notice clients will be responsible for the cost of the appointment. If a client wishes to reschedule  after a missed appointment with no notice or late notice of cancellation, payment for the service is required at the time of rescheduling the session and if 24 hours notice is not given the cost of the session will not be refunded.

Legal Disclaimer

All readings, sessions and seminar participation are for persons 18 years or older.

Any information given is not meant to replace legal, medical, and psychological or any other professional service. Diana is not responsible for life decisions or actions of others based on intuitive and spiritual advice.  it is up to the client to be responsible and accountable to use the information to make decisions that best suit them in their life.