Psychic and Spiritually Open Children

Diana has had the opportunity to work with and to assist many children.  Diana's goal is to  assist children and their parents to feel in control of their psychic gifts and sensitivities. She feels that no child should feel afraid of their psychic gifts. Diana will work with you to empower each child in their own unique way.  Diana can meet with you at her Lisle office, by phone, or at your residence, for one on one coaching to assist with your unique circumstances.  If a child is seeing a loved one that is passed, or has noticed his/her spirit guides, sensitive to EMF (electromagnetic fields)or other people's energy, we can work together to come up with a solution where all involved can become aware and comfortable with what is going on.    

Remote Clearing and Complicated Energy Healing for both persons and land is available for your unique situation.

Empowerment Coaching for both child and parent

Contact Diana for a phone or in person consultation at 630-269-0115