This system of connecting with your Soul Light and learning to let God/Source guide you in energetic healing developed by Diana Kushenbach through Source is called “Lilac (Living in Light and Consciousness)”

Finding the light in the Soul is the main goal of healing.  When we reconnect to that light, it is possible to free ourselves and others from hurts and old objectives that are no longer serving us at our spiritual capacity.  Healing that is God/Source guided elevates the possibilities of healing as it is accomplished not just from ourselves but from a higher level of light.  We are far more than human lives.  Knowing that you are far more than one human life, is a major accomplishment in this lifetime.  We find that we are here for service and far more than ourselves.  Belief in the light in your Soul unlocks intuition and healing knowledge.  This system is based in Faith and Divine Purpose and in alignment with the highest Source energy.

This is a 16 class course:

Level 1 LILAC Intuitive Energy Healing

4 Sacred Light Attunements (individual 1 on 1 sessions with Diana)

1 Activation of Light and Soul Connection (Level 1)

Chakras and Light Challenges

Meeting your Ascended Master Team

Following Guidance from Divine Source to Heal Yourself

Following Guidance from Divine Source to Heal Others

Sacred Geometry Used in Advanced Healing

Healing with Tools

Healing with Hands

Blessing of Space and Person

Prayers for Peace

Deep Soul Blessings

Dynamic Sacred Heart Energy

You will receive a certificate after completion and be listed as a practitioner on Diana’s website

Email Diana if you are interested in the first level training at