777 Purpose and Truth over Resistance;Staying Aligned with God's Path by Barbanne Bainer

Messages from the Enochian Tablets will challenge conventional wisdom and traditional thought, and may have you questioning everything you thought you knew about our existence.  “When God first spoke to the Angels, He created the ‘Enochian Tablets’ to explain the duties of the Angels. Over time the Tablet became a manuscript on how to better serve God and his plan for “all that is, was, and will be.”

  A Lightworker’s Guide to Energetic Clearing, the second portion of this two-part book, explains ways to accelerate your spiritual path. Along with channeled writings and healing symbols from the’ Enochian Tablets,’ this book includes original information about raising the vibrations of crystals, a pendulum energy reading and clearing system, deactivation codes to clear and restructure complex energy, and intuitive energy healing methods

Messages from the Enochian Tablets
A Lightworker’s Guide to Energetic Clearing

Barbanne Bainer is a respected psychic medium and Divine channel, who connects with God/Creator/Source to relay messages pertaining to one’s spiritual destiny and path to moving forward. As an intuitive healer and teacher, she works with clients and students to help them clear the energy blocking their pursuit of love and God’s messages of peace and healing. Prior to her awakening, she had a fifteen-year career in law enforcement. She now assists with missing persons and cold cases as a psychic investigator and spiritual medium.
In 777 Purpose and Truth over Resistance, Bainer shares original tools that she has been guided to use in her own development and professional practice: a pendulum/eye tracking chart for clearing interfering subconscious patterns, oracle cards and sensory signal systems for interpreting energy, and exercises for raising your vibration and increasing your intuition. She guides you in releasing emotions, fears, and resistance so that you can hear your higher guidance. She offers first-hand advice on teaching with Spirit, giving psychic readings, and assisting with investigative cases. She has included clear lessons that can be used by other spiritual teachers and healers in their own practices. Whether you are just starting your path or have been on your path for years, this book will help you navigate energy, connect with your purpose, and find your own answers.