Diana Kushenbach Academy of Spiritual Arts



"Diana is a warm and compassionate person. Her desire, motivation and compassion for people is motivated by a desire to instruct, heal and open others to their own Greatness. When I have a session with Diana, I experience a deep sense of peace and clarity for days after our session, whether I’ve had a tuning fork alignment or a crystal session with her.
It’s always a shift into a better understanding of myself.
I’ve taken several classes with Diana and she gives copious amounts of information and demonstrations which are very valuable, I love that! With this knowledge, I am able to assist myself in understanding my own intuition and trusting what is right for me as an individual.
Diana has been a resourceful facilitator of my growth and understanding on my path of life. I would recommend her to anyone! "   Sincerely,Cynthia

"Diana is one of a kind. She is a true healer. I felt the love the moment we connected and she helped me HEAL from a close friends passing. I am forever grateful." DB 

     "Stalled in your quest for Spirit? Need a jump start on your life's journey? Consider an energy healing with Diana Kushenbach.Diana heightened my awareness with her Energy Healing "energies". I experienced an awakening of spiritual truth and integrity. The universe shines brighter now. WAY COOL! We are all works in progress, as we progress we find what works."-d piper Naperville, IL

    "Diana is very much in touch with spirits from the other side. She works with the police, similar to the TV show "Medium", but, unlike Allison D., Diana isn't some crazy smoking nut job like on the "Real Housewives of Bev Hills". Diana is authentic, and with most of my family passed, this is cheaper then a psychic cell phone!" -D.M.

"I began working with Diana 2 years ago. I was having a recurrence of cancer and was beginning to experience some uncomfortable symptoms, including terrible low back pain. Diana used a variety of her crystals and stones, as well as her tuning forks, and other items she was guided to use by her spiritual helpers. Overall, I felt peaceful and lighter as if debris was being removed from my energy field. She placed one of her bigger stones underneath my low back and all of a sudden, my back started to throb and pulse and this lasted for about 5 minutes. After wards, the pain in my back was completely gone! I continued to see Diana for healing/energy work the past two years, during which time I was taking chemotherapy that caused horrible side effects. The healing sessions with her sustained me and helped me to get through those difficult times. Each time I met with her, I came in feeling depleted and after an hour with her, I left feeling energetically lighter, yet stronger, with a renewed sense of perseverance. The incredible vibration of love that comes through these healing sessions is undeniable! Diana is a very gifted healer and I am truly blessed to have been guided to her." -K.B.

"Diana is amazing! She is so warm and open, and her connection to spirit is constant and just right there. She taught me how to use my palm chakra to pick the crystals that I'm supposed to have. And I have learned from my guides through her simple yet powerful concepts that have opened me further to my own guidance and my actual self. To be in her presence and feel her glow is such a gift.....and yet having said all this, all this comes through such a lovely, uncomplicated, actual person standing in front of you, and not an affected character. I really enjoy Diana, and I'm grateful to know her, and to have her in this experience I am in!" -R.R. 

"Diana is a very wise woman that made me feel so empowered and confortable in my own skin and my intuitiveness, for those of you that feel lost and you have a gift, she will help you ground yourself and actually embrace your gifts, if you are only looking to be at peace and in tune with the divine, she can help you and guide you as well.. With all my love and admiration" Mariana

"Diana is a ray of hope that helps light the flame of intuition from within.”— Teresa

Diana is amazing and truly gifted! Shes an honest practitioner, teacher, mentor, etc. I've learned alot in a little time & cant wait to see whats next!! :D ”— Sarah

If we go to the doctor for our physical bodies, a psychiatrist for our mental and emotional needs, wouldn't it make sense to go to someone who does energy healiing for our energetic body? This is what I have done three weeks in a row with ...Diana Kushenbach and feel more amazing and clearer than any pill or concoction could ever have done! EVERYONE should experience this! Check her out at www.policeintuitive.com She is simply incredible and has some unique and amazing gifts!!! L.S.

The comments, posted by others, on this page are so true! I look forward to attending sessions with Diana, no matter what the topic. Each event and occurrence offers a new unfolding experience. The environment is open, genuine, caring, nonjudgmental, and ego free. Everyone has something to offer and contribute to the experience, whether they are new or regular attendees. There is something wonderful going on here. Come enjoy an amazing experience, personal growth, and connectedness. You will be surprised. ”— Jennifer

She knew what to do for me. I was feeling the love, the peace of what she did. Plus there were other people waiting and i got to know them. It was totally wonderful!! Thank you diana for your intuitiveness. ”— Karen B.

Diana is fantastic! She is always willing to listen and teach. She is truly gifted and an amazing healer. She is so welcoming that you feel right at home. I highly recommend her and this meet up group. ”— Michelle

Diana is a truly special person. Anyone who has had the honor of meeting her is BLESSED in every sense. She really helps GUIDE one to try and find one's own thoughts, feelings,and intuitions. I sensed more fulfillment from her, watching MY personal growth, than when she shares her own thoughts. ”— C.F.

Simply amazing! The knowledge and the level of spiritual connection that Diana Kushenbach has is just that, amazing! As you grow with your own spiritual abilities, she will guide you to yet another level of yourself to see what is really happening in this universe. When I came to her to learn to release blocks and beliefs of myself, she taught me that we are multi-dimensional beings and may have things attached to us from many past lives, good or bad. She receives her information directly from God/source and can sense the spirit levels around you. We learn from her not by listening to her lectures, but actually witnessing and being involved with the process. It is a more hands on learning experience that comes through her from God/source.
Robert K. P Author/Publisher/Artist

Diana is truly amazing!! I felt so comfortable the minute I met her and am still is awe all I learned in one hour with her. I have been gushing about her to everyone I meet to please check her website and to see her when you can. I need to thank Deidre for her recommendation and I am glad I was finally able to have the time in my schedule to meet Diana.- J.N.

"Believe --- thank you, Diana"  -H.F.

"Diana is my Angel on Earth".  -M.H

"One of my favorite people to learn from"  -J.N.


"I just wanted to let you know that since we last spoke on the phone, I no longer have any neck pain at all!  Whatever you did worked without question. It actually was a few days before I realized I didn't have any pain. One of my co workers even said that I didn't look so stiff.Thank you so much, and I look forward to seeing you again".-CM

"A brilliant and patient teacher. She has the ability to guide you to unlock gifts you didn't know you had. ” — Catherine on Feb 9, 2014.

“ I had no idea what to expect. My 1st session with her was the mediumship awareness. Incredible experience. We obtained information from our intuition and put it altogether like puzzle pieces. I can't wait to see what's more to come. I look forward into unlocking my full potential. I would definitely attend again and again. ” — Psalms Pabico on Jan 27, 2014

~~Amazing, gracious and supportive as always. Diana is sheer pure love and I am grateful that she provides opportunities to be with her to experience all that we can. She encourages connection and growth like no one else can. ” — Vera on Jan 17, 2014.

~~ “ Diana is very accurate and she makes you do the work! ” — Debbie Michel on Jan 17, 2014.

. “ True guide to teach us how to take this Earth to a better place :) ” — raminta jonyniene on Jan 11, 2014.

~~“ Wonderful people guided by a wonderful person. ” — Mary pat Brennan on Jan 3, 2014.

11/29/13 Betty S. (Yelp.com) "I met Diana at a conference a few months ago and could immediately see she was the REAL DEAL! There are a lot of frauds out there, but she is genuine. I went to her because I have had chronic headaches every day of my life for over 25 years, which I can say have ruined many years for me. I had been to numerous specialists, healers, etc., but no one was able to help me. When I went to Diana, she helped me figure out the source of the spiritual issue and fix it. I am happy to report that I am still headache-free. If you have a complicated spiritual issue, see her, because I'm betting she can help you out, too."