Diana Kushenbach Academy of Spiritual Arts

Advanced Channeling Development with Diana Kushenbach

Thursday December 14th 7-9pm Cost:$20

We will work on our advanced verbal channeling skills after a short meditation.

Channeling Divine Spirit is a skill that can be learned when you can filter out your own hurts, blocks, subconscious mind, and have the ability to step aside and allow new concepts and information to come in. Anyone is welcome to attend but this will not be an introductory class but tailored to work with advanced skill level trance channels, or mediumship channels.

The focus will be building on what you have already learned and entering into the next level of development for you, while being part of an advanced group of light workers, mediums, channels, and healers.


Gong and Crystal Singing Bowl Healing Meditation with Diana Kushenbach

​Friday December 22nd 7-8:30pm $20

32” NIBIRU Paiste Planetary Gong E2/E-80,63 Hz
This gong connects you to where you are going, where you have been, and the interconnectedness of all that is and will ever be. It is like an immersion of faith and strong spiritual knowing. It will awaken your inner knowing and allow the presence of who you are to connect with you. Your Soul interconnectedness and the presence of your true connection to Source/God. Easy Astral projection and strong spiritual focus to bring clear focus and light into all layers of your etheric, mental, and spiritual levels of your energy field. Strong Heart,Third Eye, Crown and 37th higher than crown chakras, which is amplified when paired with the crystal quartz gong.
You will have an experience of all of the crystal chakra and theta bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowls,Paiste Nibiru Planetary Gong and the Quartz Crystal Gong. When the connection is made, the ideal state of divine connection is induced. People have sensed peace, a knowing of what they had previously not known, connection with Angels, God, and emotional healing release. Allow the waves of crystals singing bowls to align your chakras and to bring your to a higher awareness of you and your intuitive abilities. You are able to move beyond the limits of your thinking mind when this combination of sound and healing is played. The Gong has been charged with the highest healing and ascension properties which can be felt when in these sessions.

We have zero gravity chairs and mats for the floor. Bring a pillow and blanket if you would like to. Diana Kushenbach is divinely guided in all of her modalities and is looking forward to this session! xxoo


Messages from your Angels, Spirit Guides, and Loved Ones

Tuesday January 2nd 7-9pm $20

Everyone is welcome to be part of the message giving or receiving in the way they would like to channel and receive. Diana calls this the Angels and Butterflies session(all the good stuff)!! You can bring your Angel Cards, Channeling Skills, and Intuitive Skills to give messages to one another in a group format. This is good practice and validation for those that are expanding their reading and receiving skills.

Beginner Level Psychic and Mediumship Skills

class 7 of 8 Monday Dec. 4th 7-9pm $25 Intuitive Crystal Work

​class 8 of 8  Monday Dec. 18th 7-9pm $25 Life Purpose and Messages directly from your spirit guide team

This class is designed to teach discernment, clear spiritual blocks, connect to your higher guidance, energy and higher connections, meditation, use of different healing modalities, crystals, essential oils, and much more. This class repeats every 2 weeks until December 18th. Each session is $25 

New students mean you have just recently (within 2 months connected with Diana)
Each Session will build on the next.

Wednesday Dec. 6th 7-9pm free Business Opportunity With PrimeMyBody Hemp Extract in Naperville at Enshape Fitness


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