Diana Kushenbach Academy of Spiritual Arts

Beginner Level Psychic and Mediumship Skills

November 6th 7-9 pm Class 5 of 8 Reading Objects, Pets, People's Energy

November 20th 7-9pm Class 6 of 8  Crossing Spirits over the the Light

This class is designed to teach discernment, clear spiritual blocks, connect to your higher guidance, energy and higher connections, meditation, use of different healing modalities, crystals, essential oils, and much more. This class repeats every 2 weeks until December 18th. Each session is $25 

New students mean you have just recently (within 2 months connected with Diana)
Each Session will build on the next.

Messages from your Angels, Spirit Guides, and Loved Ones
Friday November 10th 7-9pm $20

Everyone is welcome to be part of the message giving or receiving in the way they would like to channel and receive.  Diana calls this the Angels and Butterflies session(all the good stuff)!! You can bring your Angel Cards, Channeling Skills, and Intuitive Skills to give messages to one another in a group format.  This is good practice and validation for those that are expanding their reading and receiving skills.

Reiki / Energy Healing Share with Reiki Master/Teacher Pat Olson and Diana Kushenbach

Sunday November 19th  1-3pm  Cost $5
Practice – Support – Learn

Our purpose will be to give and receive Reiki and energy healing treatments.

All are invited to participate regardless of experience with Reiki.

Hemp/CBD Enhanced Crystal Singing Bowl/Tibetan Bowl,and Gong Meditation with Diana K.
Sunday November 19th 4-5 pm $10

At this meditation, you’ll have the opportunity to try a Nanoenhanced Phytocannabnoid Diol Hemp Extract prior to meditating.  This meditation will allow your nervous system to begin to relax and fully unwind, giving your body a chance to finally surrender and let go. The hemp oil used is non-psychoactive with only/under .002% THC, and it’s legal in all 50 states.

 “I have been using this dietary supplement for a few months.  What I have noticed is a spiritual calmness and less intense spiritual energies when going through quick times of spiritual growth.  It lowers my fear threshold and allows access to higher spiritual energies. This product allows for lessening of the stored spiritual and emotional stressors trapped in the nervous system.”  Diana Kushenbach

www.dkushenbach.primemybody.com  for more info.

Aligning your Chakras and Learning to Receive through Each Chakra with Diana K.
Thursday November 30th 7-9pm $20

Join us for this two hour session to learn how to receive divine guidance through each Chakra.
We will spend the first part of the session aligning, clearing, and raising the vibration of each chakra creating a sense of fine tuning. 
We will then do a group exercise to bring your highest intuitive information through in a way you have not received before.  You will be attuned to receive this way at this event and you can build from there.
My method of reading has always been by allowing Source/God to guide where energy can be moved, enlightened, and created.  I look forward to sharing this with you.   Diana Kushenbach

This episode live Monday November 20th 11 CST!! 

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