Messages from your Angels, Spirit Guides, and Loved Ones

Tuesday January 2nd 7-9pm $20

Everyone is welcome to be part of the message giving or receiving in the way they would like to channel and receive. Diana calls this the Angels and Butterflies session(all the good stuff)!! You can bring your Angel Cards, Channeling Skills, and Intuitive Skills to give messages to one another in a group format. This is good practice and validation for those that are expanding their reading and receiving skills.​

​6 Week Course:Reaching your Highest Spiritual Potential with Diana Kushenbach

Each of you has a divine reason for being here. We all want to achieve what we have been assigned to do in this lifetime. We may find that our own resistance to change, fears, and personal perceptions are interfering in the clear picture our Highest Guidance is trying to communicate to us.

Our goal with this series of classes is to have a better idea of what we are capable of and to be ready to accomplish our Spiritual Mission. You will build a support system with each other and will have hours of practical experience in overcoming all types of spiritual blocks including past lives, ego and the subconscious, free will, change, and fears. This will be a challenging and powerful session.

This class is great for all levels of experience from beginner to advanced students.

Session Starts Wed. January 10th (scheduled every 2 weeks January 10th and 24th, Feb. 7th and 21st, March 7th and 21st

Prepay for all 6 sessions cost $120 Each Session will be $25 otherwise Limit 35 participants

You can pay from Diana’s website ( or stop in the store during open hour hours (Wed. and Friday 10am-4pm)


Reiki / Energy Healing Share with Reiki Master/Teacher Pat Olson and Diana Kushenbach

Practice – Support – Learn

Our purpose will be to give and receive Reiki and energy healing treatments.

All are invited to participate regardless of experience with Reiki.

Sunday January 21st 1-3pm Cost $5


​Hemp/CBD Enhanced Crystal Singing Bowl/Tibetan Bowl,and Gong Meditation with Diana K.

Sunday January 21st 4-5 pm $10

At this meditation, you’ll have the opportunity to try a Nanoenhanced Phytocannabinoid Diol Hemp Extract prior to meditating. This meditation will allow your nervous system to begin to relax and fully unwind, giving your body a chance to finally surrender and let go. The hemp oil used is non-psychoactive with only/under .002% THC, and it’s legal in all 50 states.

“I have been using this dietary supplement for a few months. What I have noticed is a spiritual calmness and less intense spiritual energies when going through quick times of spiritual growth. It lowers my fear threshold and allows access to higher spiritual energies. This product allows for lessening of the stored spiritual and emotional stressors trapped in the nervous system.” Diana Kushenbach


Intuition Empowerment for Youth( Age 10-18) $10 per family (90 minute session)
‎Saturday‎, ‎January‎ ‎27‎, ‎2018
‎1‎:‎00‎ ‎PM to ‎2‎:‎30‎ ‎PM
Each session we will work to better understand how to navigate our spiritual paths while being able to enjoy the physical part of being here. We always connect and help each other with any issues with energies, both negative and positive, dreams, meditation, spirits, energy vortexes, feeling empowered and in control of spiritual gifts. Some discussions include meditation, energy clearing, energy healing, crystal healing, prayer, sound healing, color healing, and more. Make sure they are comfortable attending before having them attend. They often know what is best for them in the spiritual area. I have found this to be most beneficial if they are not forced to attend.


Intuitive Energy Healing Circle- Practical Experience with Diana Kushenbach
1/30/18 7:00-9:00pm Cost $20

We will first tune in to Source energy and align and meditate, and after we will work as a group to work on each other in the group format. This session will allow you to feel, sense, know, your own way to working as an intuitive energy healer and gain experience and validation working in this safe place with Diana guiding the group.

We will be working on 3 healing tables at the same time in the group format.

I will have tuning forks, crystals, other sound healing (singing bowls and chimes) and other healing tools for you to use. If you have a special healing tool you want to bring you are welcome to also.

All skill levels welcome

Diana Kushenbach Police Intuitive-Psychic Development


Diana Kushenbach Academy of Spiritual Arts

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