Diana Kushenbach Academy of Spiritual Arts

We have added a new 2D and 3D Aura Photo System!!

Inneractive Energy Suite AuraCloud 3D® Pro


​This system has new capabilities that our old system did not including pet pads for taking a pets aura photo and 3d close up of each chakra and more!

Aura Photos, chakra model photos, show energy changes in real time on the computer screen and generate reports that tell you what the Aura colors mean when seen in different areas of the body, gives you the energetic state of the chakras, the vibration rate and an in-depth personality profile. 

You can have your aura checked before and after your healing sessions or during your scheduled appointment or even during open store hours!!

​During open store hours 10 minute Aura Session is $20 which includes a print out and recommended crystals, essential oils, and other healing to strengthen your aura!


​​All of our LIFE SYSTEM BIOFEEDBACK SESSIONS ARE NO CHARGE.  DIANA WILL do remote sessions for free for people in need.  She gifts the sessions to friends and family.   Everyone should have access to this energy  healing if they need it.  Contact Diana if you are in need of remote sessions.